He is quick to adapt to new circumstances.

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I work as Mr Eliot's assistant.

Creole cookery is rather spicy.

I can't go along with you on that point.

When did you interrupt your summer vacation?

Why did you poison me?


You won't be able to prove it.


I'm going to fix it as soon as I can.

Somebody left the lights on.

He answers to the description of the criminal.

I'd ask her.

We cannot control other people's tongues.

I was pressed by their questioning and slipped into telling an obvious lie.

Did you try restarting the computer?


Where do you want me to put these suitcases?


Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either.

Hillary was desperate to find love after leaving a 20-year loveless marriage.

I guessed.


Judy didn't have to wait very long.


Dani always keeps a pencil behind his ear.


Who was the last person to speak with Sir?

I don't die.

If you want to speak to me, please call me up.

He smiled.

Rodent, you have a call!

The tax reform will not touch the banking industry.

We're doing everything Toby asked us to do.


We have lots of catching up to do.


Klava tames tigers.

When was the last time you visited Australia?

I guess it's too late to say no.


Why didn't you buy a Japanese car?


She showered.

Thank you for your kindness.

He's a late bloomer.

Guido doesn't allow his children to drink wine.

The information reinforced his opinions.

Join now and pay nothing for a whole year.

I had been to the hospital before you came.

I want you to be nice to him.

Most of the dogs are alive.

When the big earthquake happened, I was only ten.

What does Rodger's new car look like?

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You've been robbed.

Even his everyday speech was an off-the-cuff, tangential, disjointed narrative.

I went to Disneyland with my mother.

My sister has youth and dreams.

Lucy approached the young man and put her hand on his head.

How do I do that?

This is possible.

He has a good understanding of the problems.

I bet he will get mad.

I'll go and see her myself.

I did this too!

Let's take a look at the facts.

Cris is driving me crazy.

I'm going to meet Trey in the lobby at 2:30.

I thoroughly analyzed the issue and quite clearly showed what no scientist doubts at the present time.

I can open the window.

He tried to solve the problem, which he found very difficult.

They say fine words are no virtue if they're insincere and that's him in a nutshell. He's all talk but doesn't mean a word of it.

Will my premiums go up?

Olivier has been here as long as I can remember.

I want Paula to come over and apologize to Lyndon.

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The injured man moaned quietly.

I urinate very little.

Are you competent?

You should have the doctor look at your wrist.

How do you spell your name?

Robin knows how to fix this, I think.

My yogurt expires in 2014!

The waiting-maid commanded her harshly to take off her royal robes, and to put on her common ones.

The train arrived at the station on time.


Where's the mirror?


He's always broke at the end of the month.


Jason is pompous, isn't he?

Sridharan wears a different tie every day.

I know Shane appreciates it.

Eat, or else it will go cold.

We're so glad you could come.

Thanks to your help, we were successful.

The other day, I met him in Kyoto.

I'm friends with her sister.

It is important that we build up our health.


His composition leaves nothing to be desired.


I like this song. It has a nice rhythm and is danceable.

The rock was moved by dynamite.

He ran as fast as he could, but it was too late.

I will advise you on the matter.

O that I had so much power!

He interfered with the fans.

He went to Africa in 1960 never to return.

Vassos, Suyog and John were all there.

You deserve a pay raise.


Does he come here?


We talk about it every night.

She really is a miserable girl.

I think I understand it.


Wade acted suspiciously when the police came to search his office.

She behaved quite foolishly.

The nurse has taken my blood pressure.


I don't like the way he speaks to me.

I do my own thing.

I just wanted to say hi.

Here I decide, without hesitating, to take the alternative route.

I asked them to do it for me.

These bags are very heavy, so carry one bag at a time.

When a child, I used to go fishing with him.


This is a real beehive.

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I wanted to see you.

I'm not Rogue's girlfriend.

Raja didn't think he had enough money in his wallet to pay the bill.

You're always anticipating trouble.

It never rains but it pours.

Trying to tempt her, I gazed into her face.

Sho thought that Magnus was wasting his time studying Latin.

You only have one life. Live it happily and successfully.

I can't pass the test.

He was the first to help her.

He's afraid of that dog.


She is in her hotel now.

If the dull substance of my flesh were thought injurious distance should not stop my way, for then despite of space I would be brought, from limits far remote, where thou dost stay.

I skipped my breakfast.

That speech lost Raymond the election.

It broke my heart to see her begging for food.

We'll visit Ernst tomorrow.

Don't trust anyone, not even Elsa.

I stopped and looked behind me.

Why am I crying?

Oliver said to stay here.

Not to be taken lightly, local amusement parks. Couples, families, as far as can be seen people, people, people.


Chrysanthemums smell sweet.

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They wouldn't have cancelled the game if it hadn't rained so heavily.

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Once we start reading a book, we should read it all the way through.

I knew that it was better for me to say nothing.

You enjoyed that, didn't you?


We must reduce energy demand.

Will you return this pen to me when you are through?

Where is the closest metro stop?

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I leave here at ten-thirty next Sunday.

Waiting for a bus, I met my friend.

Clark inspired me.


Hopefully he won't notice anything!

Recently T Mall has had a sales promotion on cell phones.

I found out that Bobby was wealthy.

Gilles and Maria sweat, sitting in a Turkish bath.

Earnie is persuasive.

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Why didn't you warn her?

Novorolsky told me that she was glad to see me.

We'll start first thing tomorrow.

He married his daughter to a lawyer.

I want you to clean your room.

No doubt he will come.

What makes you think that I know how to do this any better than you do?

I'll put my eyes out so I won't see you again.

Nathan got it done right way.

Today's mission: milk tea with mochi.

You shouldn't spend more than you earn.


He's standing behind the wall.

We've waited too long.

Have you got any preference between beef and lamb?

Her family is very large.

I may not get another chance.

Did you do your best?

Can I work here?